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Notes from the Underground

With the Criminal Crafts book launch just a few weeks away, I’ve been scheming plots to get a little publicity for the book, unfortunately plan A was so devious it would land me back in the clink, plan B involved public exposure and while that might have worked in my twenties, gravity and life on […]

Mud in Your Eye

Late nights of sniffing glue and yarn bombing have me down to fighting weight. I’m an animal, a knitting machine ready to cut loose and meet you on the playground after school, pinking shears in hand.

Notorious the Cocktail

Notorious the Cocktail is a delicious combination of Brandy and Pear juice with a shot of lemon/ginger syrup and a delicate champaign sabayon sauce floating on top.

Champagne Supernova

There really is no criminal spin on this recipe other than the killer headache you’ll have in the morning if you knock too many of these sweet puppies back. I can’t say my dinner guests were swinging from the ceiling when I served them last night buuuut one friend did mistake the crab butter dip for a finger bowl basting herself in the process.

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