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Dia de los Muertos Makeup Tutorial

Counting the days until my favorite holiday Dia de los Muertos, and as a warm up to this year’s celebration I’ve hosted a couple workshops in costume creation and sugar skull making.  I hate to leave my out of town friends and fans out of the fun- and at the compelling request of Crime Spree […]

Facinators, you wear them on your head

Well summer is in full swing, it’s wedding and horse racing season which means two things, classy ladies are going on Champagne benders and sticking silly things on their heads while running willy nilly to the finish line. With these parameters, I of course refuse to be left out, and had to put my own twist on the […]

Spy Glasses for Grown-ups A Tutorial

I’ve crafted up some stylish glasses with custom fit wing mirrors so I can look ahead of me and see who’s checking out my ample assets in the back.

Bring Out Your Easter Zombie Crafts

Technically this isn’t a criminal craft, but zombies so frequently walk (lurch) that fine line that crooks and other miscreants get lumped into that featuring them on my blog doesn’t feel like cheating.  And while pairing zombies with a fuzzy pastel holiday might not be for everyone, at my house we find a little sprinkling of mutant […]

How to have yourself an Angry little Christmas

Well friends, it’s that time of year again, when my ice cold heart warms slightly and in an eggnog fueled stupor, I indulge in a little cute craft making. What can I say.  I love Angry Birds.  I’ve never played it, but I love it.  I love that it is on my phone and I […]

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