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Put Your Parole Officer on Speed Dial, it’s Time for Criminal Crafting

This past week has been a whirlwind tour of fun and mayhem with two fiendishly lovely kick off parties for the Criminal Crafts book at Bridge City Comics and the Someday Lounge.  I’m new to this whole game, but I’m beginning to catch on to some of the rules of author signings and being interviewed […]

Notes from the Underground

With the Criminal Crafts book launch just a few weeks away, I’ve been scheming plots to get a little publicity for the book, unfortunately plan A was so devious it would land me back in the clink, plan B involved public exposure and while that might have worked in my twenties, gravity and life on […]

Miss Marple Cameo Tea Cozy Tutorial

Our beloved Dame Agatha Christie turns 120 this month, and to celebrate the occasion, I’ve joined in with other mystery afficiandos on the Agatha Christie Blog Tour.  As you may be feeling a bit peckish from your long journeys around the internet, I should offer some refreshments… perhaps a perfectly British, tea inspired craft project? […]

Mystery Writer Appreciation Month

I’ve curled up with you between the sheets, stashed you in the back of my car and locked you in the bathroom, a truer friend I’ve never had! And man are you smart, just when I think I’ve got you figured out, you go all Rue Morgue on me and next thing I know there’s an orangutan sneaking out the chimney.

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