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Big in Japan

As a well known master criminal, and international woman of mystery, you may assume I get lots of subversive and odd mail, NOT TRUE! On most days my post box is as quiet as the grave, except for the occasional past due notice or latest edition of Crime Spree Magazine . And while some writers might shy away […]

Spy Glasses for Grown-ups A Tutorial

I’ve crafted up some stylish glasses with custom fit wing mirrors so I can look ahead of me and see who’s checking out my ample assets in the back.

Mommy Dearest

Since the publication of Criminal Crafts, I’ve been in a bit of hot water with my mom. This is nothing new.  The current bee in her very antique, threadbare bonnet is over how I portrayed her in my book. Now she’s calling at 3 a.m. ranting about “character defamation”  and hinting that my exaggerations are the basis for […]

Make Mine a Double- Secret Agent Gift Basket

So I might be a master criminal, amateur stalker, and maligned femme fatal- but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a sucker for a good cause. A dear friend from high school recently shook me down for a auction donation, for an outstanding organization

Accessories to the Crime

The juvenile delinquents who ride around in the back in the car begged for a treat, and since they talk less with something sticky in their mouths, I was only too happy to acquiesce

Is your neighbor a Russian Spy?

If your neighbors are hot, they are probably Russian spies, especially if they have a blog about the Superiority of Chinese Economic Policy over the Western Dog Capitalist Greed Mongers, or if they work in real estate.

Spies Like Us

if you want to blend in these days you’d better be crafting. If you live in Montclair NJ and neighbor isn’t scrapbooking she’s a Russian sleeper agent, trust me on this.

Love Letter, straight from my heart…

I am so fond of writing- manifestos, ransom notes, tirades to my lawyer… the list goes on, needless to say I leave quite the paper trail.

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