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PDX Mini Maker Faire

I barely have words to describe how incredibly cool day one was of the PDX Mini Maker Faire at OMSI.  I’ll do a big fat link round up later, after I’ve had a little sleep and time to process all the great stuff I saw and new friends made.  The mug shot photo booth was a huge […]

Free Pussy Riot

Occasionally I get swept up in the heat of the moment, especially a moving political moment and feel my crafter self needs to take a stand. I’m so in awe of the fantastically brave punk rock chicks who”ve dared to take on Vladimir Putin the topless cowboy dictator. How much I adore that the voices demanding democracy, […]

Facinators, you wear them on your head

Well summer is in full swing, it’s wedding and horse racing season which means two things, classy ladies are going on Champagne benders and sticking silly things on their heads while running willy nilly to the finish line. With these parameters, I of course refuse to be left out, and had to put my own twist on the […]

Big in Japan

As a well known master criminal, and international woman of mystery, you may assume I get lots of subversive and odd mail, NOT TRUE! On most days my post box is as quiet as the grave, except for the occasional past due notice or latest edition of Crime Spree Magazine . And while some writers might shy away […]

A whole lot of badness going down

Holy smokes, the Criminal Crafts book launch is less two weeks away, how is this possible?  To say that I’m stoked to share fabulous projects with my friends, is the understatement of the year.  My partners in crime and I are lining up a number of unique and maniacal events each a special trip into the dark […]

Monkey’s Uncle

Don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve got a wild weekend planned.  There are two days left to finish my diorama for the Kick Ass Oregon History Diorama contest , not even sure if it is fair for me to enter since I’m donating the prize, but I LOVE TO ENTER CRAFTY COMPETITIONS.  Also, […]

Anchors Away

Delighted to see this news clip from last night and the charming Stephanie Stricklen modeling my see-behind-spy-glasses made especially for DB Cooper night at Mississippi Studios. If the whole TV thing doesn’t work out for her, I think she should totally take up being a Master Criminal, it looks GOOD on her!

2 Legit 2 Quit

Holy smokes, it’s like a for real thing! Criminal Crafts, the book is at the printer, getting boxed, bundled, and packed up for a shipment to stores this spring.  While I knew that it was happening, since books don’t write themselves, much as we’d like them too, it didn’t feel legitimate. Until this … The […]

Whistling Past the Grave Yard

Well this Iron Crafting is sure keeping me nose to grindstone.  I’ve been super busy prepping projects for forthcoming Criminal Crafts book so I decided today to double down… I combined our challenge of bunting with stamps from my “It’s Your Funeral Kit“.   I needed to take pictures of that today too. I’m pretty […]

Draft Dodger

Oh baby there is an ill wind blowing, can you feel it, just seeping through the door jams and window sills.  And while it’s chilly in here, I can only imagine how down right cold it’s going to be feeling in my buddy Tom Delay’s jail cell. Poor Tom went from being the big shot […]

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