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Iron Craft- I accept!

The gauntlet has been thrown down!  Some very well meaning crafters issued a challenge, 52 projects in one year, something groovy, once a week. Iron Craft! You know what, all the hounds in hell couldn’t keep me away from a proposal like this. It’s not like I’ve got to create some sort of jaw dropping […]

Spies Like Us

It has come to my attention, and delight to discover that Criminal Crafts has a small cadre of fans in the international espionage and law enforcement agencies.  Kudos for your excellent taste and even better sense of humor.  As a small token of thanks for your selfless commitment to your affiliated country of choice (or countries […]

Expansion of the Criminal Empire

coming spring 2012 Criminal Crafts the BOOK from Andrews McMeel Publishing

Clean Get Away

Up for debate: Did John Dillinger break out of prison using a mock gun he carved from a bar of soap? Far as I can tell no one really knows. In Public Enemies, uber hunk Johnny Depp  makes his big escape from the Crown Point Indiana jail using a wooden mock up. The FBI does […]

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