Carlotta’s Leap of Faith

A huge Criminal Crafts congratulations to Amy Marie Honeyman, this month’s winner of the Hitchcock Sweater Re-Fashion Contest.  The theme of our July craft off was, “Vertigo” which Amy did a bang-up job of interpreting.  Not only did she manage to capture the great plummet from the tower scene, she also sewed on the flower petals which Carlotta dreamily tosses into the San Francisco Bay.  Kudos to you Amy!  Our lucky winner got a handsome vintage book and a special gift from the Criminal Crafts shop.  Second prize went to Elizabeth Cramer who got a set of steak knives.  Actually, it wasn’t steak knives, but something else as equally endearing.  Everyone who entered did an awesome job and I truly appreciate your enthusiasm to create something deviant and functional.  It’s time now to dust off your feathered boa and heat up the glue gun because our August sweater contest is going to………The Birds!  Hop to it friends, and send me pics of work in progress, I’d love to share it with the world! You’ve got until August 31st to send me a photo of your masterpiece and link to blog if you’d like.  Winners will be announced shortly afterward.  Up for grabs, a vintage steamy pulp novel from my private collection of smut and a special treat from one of my online shops.

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