For The Birds

Well, I am delighted to announce our August winner of the Hitchcock Sweater Re-Fashion Contest, Ms. Katie Merritt.  Since the theme for the month was, The Birds, a cardigan appliquéd in faux pigeon poo seemed the perfect choice.  Close inspection of the photo will show that Ms. Merritt has yet to finish said sweater, I’m OK with that, rumor has it her glue gun is shooting blanks.   I’m sure she’ll get it done soon and since criminal intent is enough to get you booked, I’m happy to award prizes under the same criteria.

For her hard work and foray into the noir craft world, Katie wins a couple naughty pulp fiction novels that I’ve hidden away in the back of my sock drawer and a special prize from my Etsy shop.

Since I’m a little late in announcing this month’s film inspiration, I’m going to extend the deadline just a bit until October 5th.  The much anticipated film for this month… Spellbound– and what a treat it’s going to be.  Hitchcock describes the film as ” just another manhunt story wrapped in pseudo-psychology”  but let’s just chalk that up to false modesty- the film has a dreamboat cast of Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman as analytic psychiatrists,  and a crazy pants dream sequence with surreal sets designed by Salvador Dali.  If this isn’t inspiration enough, there is the haunting soundtrack composed by Miklos Rozsa where a theremin makes it’s silver screen debut.  If you don’t bust out the pinking shears for any other reason in September, you absolutely should be making a Spellbound sweater.

This month’s winner will get a special vintage pulp fiction novel and Criminal Crafts gift.  Bonus points awarded if you are somehow able to make reference to either Freud or the theremin in your creation.

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