If you want to destroy my sweater

My dear crafting and mystery friends, it seems unfair that I get to have all the fun making subversive goods.  I know I can’t be the only one up late at night embellishing away the hours in my den of thieves.  I’d like to see what you are up to, in fact this is a personal challenge, time to get creative and bust out your inner craft vixen.

I’m hosting a contest, in fact a series of contests inspired by the mystery master himself, Alfred Hitchcock.  Each month I’ll select one of his films and you’ve got 30 days to refashion an old sweater to match the theme.

Send me photos of the goods and I’ll share your devious designs and links back to you.  Monthly winners will get a couple racy vintage pulp fiction novels and a special Criminal Crafts gift.

Why sweaters?  Die hard Hitchcock fans are familiar with the ubiquitous cardigan.  It seems all the gals had a snug cover-up plastered to her bullet bra.  I’m sure some poor film student somewhere has written her  master’s thesis on the psychological meaning behind the sweaters the girls who wore them the hussies who shed them off, and seriously, they are almost in every film.

So, use this as your creative springboard, grab the glue gun, bedazzler, extra large pinking shears… and go big.  Our first film is Vertigo, I figured we’d start out with a toughie and work our way to the no brainers like Psycho and The Birds.  Vertigo really is a film about what you wear and how you wear it.  Poor Midge, pictured above is having a creative meltdown, is it because her favorite beau Scottie is hot for a dead girl or is it because she’s stuck in a wardrobe which does little to reveal her assets?   Time to bring on the bling.

If you need extra inspiration, check out some of the art Saul Bass designed for the film and other Hitchcock projects.  And if you really want to set the mood, check out the DVD again, pop some popcorn, grab a bottle of Two Buck Chuck and a bowl of cookie dough, perfect evening!

Since this is our very first contest I’m extending the deadline a bit, you’ve got until July 31st to send in photos.  Send a note too if you’ve got questions, I’d love to hear from you.

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