You’re the Yarn Bomb

Because you are so cool, because you brave the weather to come out to book signings and liquor infused craft nights, because you wouldn’t let me leave the house with my slip showing, purse that didn’t match my shoes or a good alibi- I’ve made you a gift, and one for you, and you and you.  Fans of the Criminal Crafts blog who stop by my booth (#34) at Portland’s Mini Maker Faire on Sept. 15th and 16th at OMSI and say “You’re the Yarn Bomb” get this super cute kit- a small ball of yarn (enough to learn how to finger knit), instructions on finger knitting and a brief history on the art of yarn bombing, an atomic fireball candy and a commemorative gift bag hand stamped by Parole Officer Honeyman and myself.

I’ll also be giving a few of these precious gifts away at my panel discussion and Iron Craft event at the Contemporary Arts Center  on Monday Sept. 10th . Yes, I’m off to Cincinnati, you heard that right, the city that gave us Bootsy Collins, Carmen Electra, Doris Day and the Isley Brothers is also home to one of the more visionary and inspiring contemporary arts museums in the country.  I’m doing a fab night of talking and judging craft smackdown with local artists Pam Kravetz and Chris Salley and like any good hosts, they’ve promised beer will be available.  I’m really hoping to sneak off and squeeze in some yarn bombing when I’m there, since I hear it’s quite the scene in Cincinnati.  There’s even a yarn bomb posse, the BombShells  and they even have their own manifesto, and there really isn’t anything I like more than crafters with manifestos, except for maybe crafters with beer.

On the off chance that you happen to live somewhere other than the craft meccas of Portland and Cincinnati, I’m thinking you deserve a treat too.  So the 1st five readers who email me a good alibi along with their address also get a gift in the mail.  So hop too it, and I want good alibis, something creative, slightly funny and will stand up in court.

So a bit more about these yarn bomb bags… they were generously donated by Stateline Bags and blanks in a number of sizes can be ordered from their website here.  They have a crafter’s resource section on the website too which is pretty darn cool and it got me to thinking about some other projects I want to make later this fall.

For my bags I drew three designs on paper and made a rubbing transfer onto heavy linoleum stamp material.  I cut the shapes with carving tools but exacto knives work fine too.   From there it’s as easy as stamping onto an ink pad and pressing onto the bag.  I did put a piece of cardboard in the bag so the image didn’t seep all the way through.  I’m delighted with how the bags came out and am planning to screen print some others to using a darling print kit I got from Etsy seller SimpleKraft.

I’ve got a full stamp carving tutorial in the Criminal Crafts book and illustrations too, to make your own paper funeral.


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