SCRAP Noir at Beulahland

Time for some mayhem, I’m teaming up with some of my fiendishly creative pals for an evening of flaming cocktails and crafty mischief at Beulahland.  If you’re a clever crafter, like me, you’re already making regular supply runs to SCRAP, the community re-use center which is a treasure trove of art supplies, carpet samples, paper and fabric remnants and other unexpected fabulousness ( I once picked up a kit for a chia pet Statue of Liberty there and several empty violin cases).  Well on the 17th, SCRAP is coming to us, bringing cool Criminal Craft inspired kits to make dangerous and diabolical projects of your own.  I’ll be there too, signing books and setting drinks on fire, come join us for cocktails, noir and espionage wear highly encouraged.

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