What’s in it for Me- Pulp Fiction Pendant

Excerpt from book necklace image was taken from:

“Thanks for the money. I was wondering where you were keeping it. I don’t like Philadelphia. I don’t like people who think they are smarter than I am… Kermit Terkel says I will arrive on coast just in time to start work under contract he is writing for me. Teddy sends his thanks for the cabin. Teddy’s second name is Ast. Teddy says to remember what he once told you about umbrellas. I say you should remember what I told you about guys like you and suicide. You don’t have to take me literally, of course, but you know what I’m wishing. In case you don’t take me literally, look me up in Hollywood some day and I’ll buy you a hot dog. Wouldn’t try to stop us from sailing if I were you, as a gentleman by the name of Leonard Nissem is seeing us off. He is very boring company, like all your friends are. He keeps saying over and over that you are going up for a stretch. If this means they are going to hang you, I am all for it. This is the longest telegram I ever sent but I’m having the time of my life sending it and I wouldn’t shorten it by a sentence even if it cost a dollar a word. I would send it collect if I thought you had the money to pay for it, but I wanted to make sure you read it. I’ve been saving it up for you for a long time time. Teddy is paying for it anyway, and asks me to include his regards. Teddy is taking a vacation from his business and is carrying his check book and fountain pen. Teddy says your pretty little black metal box from under your silk pajamas is all mine. Teddy says he doesn’t want to see anything you ever touched. Teddy is being silly about that, I think, but I don’t mind. Teddy says Nuts to You. I say so too, Nuts to You.

While this extraordinary missive might lead you to believe the book is pure gold, it is not. It is the single dullest book about a whole-sale-dress-distributor-con-man-on-the-side-with-a-thing-for-his-mother, I’ve ever read. The best thing about this book is the title, which looks great around your neck. The pendant measures 1 and a half inches by one inch, with a 24 inch long chain which can be trimmed to fit your desired look.

Pendant is backed with rubberized cork tile, in contrasting color, I found from my favorite Portland recycled art supply house SCRAP (www.scrapaction.org).

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