Accessories to the Crime

Had to leave my secret lair today for a supply run.  Right in the middle of crafting up a special gift for some boys at the DEA (no kidding!) I realized I’d run out of key ingredients.  So I hot footed across town to my favorite pastry creator’s shop, The Decorette. Not only do they have  piping bags, rainbow sprinkles and an entire room filled with hundreds of custom candy molds, they have… X-Ray Gummie Fish!  The juvenile delinquents who ride around in the back in the car begged for a treat, and since they talk less with something sticky in their mouths, I was only too happy to acquiesce.

And since I’m doing this shout out to my beloved sources, thought I’d mention too the forensic supply shop where I get the evidence bags I use for wrapping purchases from my shop. Crime Scene has tons of fun, useful and dare I say, educational stuff.  Along with the ever popular “Infidelity Kits” (much more accurate than lipstick on the collar and not-my-brand-perfume), they also have body bags, foot print casting powder, and “crime scene candy“, the latter being something so disgusting that the people in the backseat won’t be sampling it anytime soon.  Crime Scene also has interactive, “You be the Detective” cases, looks like the current one is a doozy, with fresh flowers and “a threatening note” left behind at the victim’s residence.

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