Love Letter, straight from my heart…

I am so fond of writing- manifestos, ransom notes, tirades to my lawyer… the list goes on, needless to say I leave quite the paper trail.  Rather than clean up after myself, I like to hide things in plain sight, just like a good spy.  Often I prefer the covert letter, something in code or even better, written in invisible ink.

As a kid I used the old lemon juice trick but after extensive study and several months locked away in my secret lab, I have hit upon the perfect formula for invisible ink.  Unlike lemon juice this concoction isn’t cloudy or will brown with age.  It is also non-toxic and actually mixes nicely with vodka (seriously, a couple drops are a killer upgrade for a lip smacking martini).

Like Young Frankenstein and Elizabeth Shue’s ridiculous character in The Saint, I felt it was only my scientific duty to share my awesome discovery with the world.  The Invisible Ink Kit is now available in my Maker’s Market shop.  For a very nominal fee you get 2 oz of ink in a pressed glass bottle, gorgeously wrapped metal nib pen for dipping and small candle.  Instructions for use are enclosed.

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