Make Mine a Double- Secret Agent Gift Basket

So I might be a master criminal, amateur stalker, and maligned femme fatal- but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a sucker for a good cause.  A dear friend from high school recently shook me down for a auction donation, for an outstanding organization,  Hearts and Horses .  The therapeutic riding facility located in Loveland Colorado offers horse back lessons to people with disabilities and at-risk-youth.    Their annual gala event is coming up on October 1st and sounds like a lovely evening if you find yourself in the area.

I’ve put together a very special basket for them- something fun for any grown-up who wants to try their hand at being a double agent without the quick trip to Russia if it all goes south.  Included are three vintage pulp spy novels, one of which features the every saucy Nick Carter in “A Bullet for Fidel” , an Invisible Ink Kit writing kit, a John Dillinger Soap Gun, a vintage glass martini shaker, handcuffs and snub nosed suction cup dart gun- hours of covert entertainment!  As I put together this bundle of naughtiness, I thought, wow, I bet other miscreants would enjoy a similar package. Who doesn’t want a big box of crime and espionage?  If something like this strikes your fancy, give me a shout out we can pick out items from my Etsy shop and customize with other antiques from my personal collection, and we’ll come up with a fair price (none of this arm and a leg stuff, I leave that to the pros!)

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