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For The Birds

Close inspection of the photo will show that Ms. Merritt has yet to finish said sweater, I’m OK with that, rumor has it her glue gun is shooting blanks

Carlotta’s Leap of Faith

A huge Criminal Crafts congratulations to Amy Marie Honeyman, this month’s winner of the Hitchcock Sweater Re-Fashion Contest.  The theme of our July craft off was, “Vertigo” which Amy did a bang-up job of interpreting.  Not only did she manage to capture the great plummet from the tower scene, she also sewed on the flower petals which Carlotta […]

If you want to destroy my sweater

My dear crafting and mystery friends, it seems unfair that I get to have all the fun making subversive goods.  I know I can’t be the only one up late at night embellishing away the hours in my den of thieves.  I’d like to see what you are up to, in fact this is a personal challenge, […]

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