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Spy Glasses for Grown-ups A Tutorial

I’ve crafted up some stylish glasses with custom fit wing mirrors so I can look ahead of me and see who’s checking out my ample assets in the back.

Make Mine a Double- Secret Agent Gift Basket

So I might be a master criminal, amateur stalker, and maligned femme fatal- but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a sucker for a good cause. A dear friend from high school recently shook me down for a auction donation, for an outstanding organization

Spies Like Us

if you want to blend in these days you’d better be crafting. If you live in Montclair NJ and neighbor isn’t scrapbooking she’s a Russian sleeper agent, trust me on this.

Love Letter, straight from my heart…

I am so fond of writing- manifestos, ransom notes, tirades to my lawyer… the list goes on, needless to say I leave quite the paper trail.

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